The extreme weather, particularly during heavy Rains in Baltimore, abuses our roofs a lot.

These roof maintenance tips can be used for the season.

The impact on your roof with heavy rain, particularly the chaotic Baltimore storms, can be difficult.


Whew is the end of the dry spell of the rainy season!


While it is impossible to escape any storm-related impacts, you will have to take a few measures to prepare your roof.


Preparing for the heavy rains in Baltimore will provide improved water conservation, better prediction and a big investment for your house.




1. Maintenance and inspection of annual roof


At least once a year, roofing inspectors are encouraged to contact your home to fix minor problems and solve them in advance of graduation (IE: Missing Shingle Tiles). Annual roof inspection provides many advantages and is normally free of charge!


You will save money when you get your roof tested by experts. “Catch at first easy and you can repair it easier!:)” is familiar to us all.


Even a small crack and gap will accumulate water and cause leakage.


Until the Baltimore storm reaches you stunned, please meet the roof inspector. Well-kept roofs are more likely to withstand the harsh stormy season.




2. Present Leaks in the Roof


Do you think there would be no significant damage to a minor leak on the roof? If you do, then during a storm, leaks in the roof are typically more significant. Yeah, you know now that no “small leak” is there.




3. Check the Gutters roof


Enjoy your roof with all the dirt and old blades. The best practice in spring and fall is to sweep and search gutters.


As the temperature increases and falls year round, the ribs can be loosened and weak.




4. The High Breeds Trim


You know this is real, the tree limbs collapse on the houses and cars. Even a branch brushing on the roof will, however, cause significant damage over a year. SaveRoofs # TrimmedTrees




5. Shake replacement and repair


When broken, Shingles mainly breaks or get loose. Water falls under the roof in exchange. The wind is lifted under the shingles with missing shingles.


Contact a reputable roofing company to have your shingles removed or repaired. Call the professional:) Falling is dangerous;




6. Is it enough for your flashing?


It is called flashing the metal sealing in which your roof reaches higher areas of your house. Blinking has as its main aim not to spill water into the building.


An Inspector for the roofing will also search for corroded, weak or even missing sections.




7. Evaluate Deck of the Roof


The roof is compromised and porous as water flows under a shingle or a metal panel. The ceiling is made of wooden boards, on which are laid the roofing materials.


You can immediately contact the roofing company if you find watermarks in your ceilings or walls.




8. Immediately patch or rebuild the roof


It’s NOT better later.


We like the quote: “When the sun shines, it’s time to repair the roof”


Or in Baltimore, “When insurance payments are required, it’s time to set the roof.”