Having to deal with a flat leaky roof can be pretty challenging, not to mention that if things are not handled properly, the leaky roof can be extremely harmful to the property’s overall quality and worth. While all roof leaks are concerning, a leak in a flat roof is especially complicated experience. There are no corners or slops in a flat roof. Therefore, moisture and water are the natural obstacle of flat roofs. When the flat roof is malfunctioning or when drainage is inadequate, water can pool onto the roof. Whilst the ceiling is built to retain water, it can eventually lead to an external corrosion that can lead to reduced lifespan of your flat roof.

The aging is another common problem with a flat roof. The modified bitumen asphalt flat roofs lose their elasticity over time and cause cracks to appear. These are typical signs that your flat roof must be fixed or replaced if the damage is severe. So it is very important to notify a roofing professional immediately when a flat roof breaks, or it becomes hazardous.

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How to know when my roof needs a repair?

As Baltimore has a very weary weather, the first sign to look for in your flat roofing inspection job is a leakage.

It is typically easier to locate the leak source in a flat roofing than to find one on a slanted roof. This means that the flat roof leak could be more complicated than it initially looks like – especially if you’re an inexperienced attempting flat roof repair on your own. There are several explanations for this, particularly because water that penetrates your flat roof’s layer will pass through the roof till it reaches a rift in the sheathing / roofing layer, HVAC or plumbing, then sweeps till you reach the flat roof, where you see water entering your interior.

Some Prominent Roof Repair Signs–

  • Water pooling up on the roof

Standing water is an example of an abnormal water patch or obstructed drainage system on your flat roof. Even the most watertight materials can start to leak if the water is pooled on your roof, so you should take immediate action to fix this problem. A certified roofing contractor can safely analyse the conditions of the water patches and assess the ways to fix your flat roof job.

  • Holes in Roof

This is one of the most evident but also one of the hardest to find in a flat roof. An in-roof hole needs urgent repair services for your roofing material. One must consider creating a habit of routine inspection or other roofing service so that a minor hole does not become a big roofing headache.

  • Moisture and Moss

Indoor water damage may result from leakage in your plumbing system, but a leak in your roof is not a new cause. To find the problem in your flat roof and to provide effective and urgent solutions to your moisture and moss situation, contact our roofing team.

  • Dividing

When a small crack from some form of damage is produced on the roof, water may get into it. The water expands and makes the crack deeper when the water then freezes during a Maryland winter. As this process repeats itself, as the crack continues to expand, a split emerges.

  • Blistering

This term refers to a new occurrence that happens when air is trapped between layers of felt, causing the formation of air pockets. The air pocket will then crack and then cause water to leak through the roof, rendering your home and your family a dangerous situation.

Now you will not want to be ignoring that for a long period, a roofing professional is one man you need to get the job done. We are the best and the most trustable name in roof repair in Baltimore MD and Maryland.

Benefits of having flat roofs

The flat roof, one of the highly recommend and cost efficient items on the market, is one of the most popular choices. Flat roofs have many advantages, from protection to convenience – let us begin by looking at some of those.


Flat roofs are some of the most economical, both in installation and future services. As we pointed out above, their maintenance is simple and at a low price. . Shingles or other decorative elements are not required on the surface, which means that installation costs are minimal. Reparations are also relatively inexpensive when seldom needed – these kinds of surfaces can be repaired easily.

2. Maintenance and access

Given the lack of a slope and flat bottom, it is incredibly easy to reach a flat roof. Normally it just takes a ladder and not even in commercial settings often. This makes maintenance on the roof and on things like rain gutters and sides possible . This makes maintenance really possible. The opportunity to sometimes get up there and inspect the problem will eliminate the need of even more expensive fixes.

3. Endurance

The two major components of flat roofs are the gravel and tar. The quality of these materials can be preserved quite easily. For more than thirty years, most of these components can withstand basic elementary damage and they last long.

4. Spacious Rooms  

A flat roof is also an excellent place to hold things in houses with small areas. You can conveniently store an AC ventilator or other heavy equipment, if you need it, with easy access. This is a major tangential advantage especially for a commercial company where space areas can be a serious issue at times.

These are the reasons why as a roofing company we would highly recommend the installation of a flat roof. For a good and thorough inspection today by our flooring experts, call us, Baltimore Flat Roof Repair (all rights reserved). Our professionals will hand over a fairly estimated quote request of quality roof repair or modified bitumen roofing.

What are the concerned factors in the roofing inspection?


Our inspection team is a star studded panel with high class engineers who hold expertise in roofing both the repair and detailing. Here are the checkpoints—-

  • Cleaning Facilities

In gutters and drains, leaves, dirt, and other debris may build up, which can block water from leaving the roof. The roof may then be affected by this accumulated water in small area, which is why cleaning flat roofs is such a vital part of regular maintenance.

  • Check for Trees and Foliage

This positions the building in danger if there are tree branches that overhang a flat roof area. During storms, strong winds, or heavy snowfall in Baltimore, tree limbs can easily break off and drop. They can do some significant harm if they land on your flat roof, which can lead to the need of critical and costly repairs.

  • Moss Search

The top bad sign is when there is moss and other plants growing on your flat roof area or even around the edges. It shows that water does not drain properly so enough is stored so that plant life can take root and expand.

  • Inside Search

Part of our maintenance inspection would include testing for water damage inside your home. This suggests a roof leak that needs to be handled if there are any signs of water damage inside the house, such as water stains on the ceiling or along walls.

On hundreds of flat roofs, we have completed repairs and installations, making us probably Baltimore’s top most experienced flat roofing company . We serve homeowners who are looking for flat roofs in Baltimore and Maryland, something we consider to be one of our many specialties over years (flat roofing projects are a significant percentage of our business throughout Baltimore and Maryland). Request your no-hassle free appointment on any given date. Be sure to ask our Roof Inspection Specialist about the full range of roofing options available for your house.

What is special about our inspection?

The type of service your flat roof will require and what material is best to use will be decided by our Roof Inspection Specialist. For both residential and commercial roofs, some flat roofing services are acceptable, while others are better suited for large commercial projects. Every has its own specific collection of benefits that we’ll talk about further down.

  • Installing the Flat Roof

If you are searching for a flat roof to be built on your house, then give us a no-obligation estimate call today. To have a flat roof, and other materials that we can install, there are a range of benefits. Based on your personal preferences and budget, our specialists will recommend or help you determine which of these materials would be better for your home. The five most common materials used for flat roofs are here:

  • Duro-Last

This roofing material, considered to be the “world’s best roof,” is custom-designed for each roof and designed of single-ply PVC material. Not only is it long-lasting, but it also has very low maintenance, so compared to other styles of flat roofs, you don’t have to think about it as much. For 40 years, they have been in the roofing market, so you know that you can trust them and their results.

  • Duradek

If all or part of your roof is a deck, then when it comes to flat roofing materials, this is the best option for you. When it comes to waterproof decks, including those that also act as roofs, Duradek is the market leader, providing you with a great place to relax without thinking about any water coming into your house.

  • EPDM

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber which is popular for many reasons, available in both white and black to suit your needs and preferences. It is incredibly robust, so for years to come, it will last. It’s also leak-resistant because the rubber expands and contracts with changes in temperature and holds it securely bound to the roof by the adhesive.

  • The TPO

Thermoplastic olefin (TPO) is one of the more affordable flat roof options that is also robust. They are inexpensive because, relative to other roofing materials, they are easier to build, but also because they are energy-efficient and can thus save you money per month on energy bills. There are also several color choices to fit it with your house.

  • Down Torch

This kind of rubber roofing material is perfect for the weather in Maryland because it can expand and contract when needed to keep any crack tightly sealed in your roof. This helps to avoid leaks due to gutter leakage and possible problems.

Having our Flat Roof Expert visit your home to inspect the roof quickly. Information based on your particular home needs is one of the best ways to be able to determine the quality and business service. Schedule an appointment with our roofing contractors, contact us today.

We understand that keeping your flat roof preserved will guarantee that for years to come it will last. To ensure that minor issues are caught and fixed before they become major issues, we will provide you with daily maintenance. Maintenance of the flat roof requires some major measures that will ensure that several of the more common flat roof repairs are avoided. When it comes to flat roofs, roof leak repair is slightly different. This includes repairing an issue that is discovered during daily repairs or a roof inspection. It needs to be handled as soon as possible if there is a problem with a flat roof. This is because if left, most issues would escalate, costing you more cash and potentially putting your home and property at risk.

Contact a our roofing professional near you in Baltimore for a flat roof repair or replacement quote.

Confused between a flat roof repair or flat roof replacement?

We know, this the most hanging question about flat roofs. Yes and we are not here to change your mind, but to only provide the right facts to help you decide.

Although we may be stereotyping, most contractors believe it’s waste of time and resources to fix a flat roof. Usually, these types of leaks tend to occur on a well-made roof around the 12 or 15 year mark, so if you are having leaks around this time, it might be wise to look at the cost of repairing it entirely. Knowing the cost of different types of flat roofing materials is where you can start when deciding whether to fix or fully rebuild the roof. Even without labour costs, materials like PVC, TPO, EPDM, or similar materials can be costly to install. All the same, the cost of flat roofing repair can be higher than the cost of replacement simply because it typically requires more time and more effort to repair the roof.

And there’s a fair chance at the end of the day that hiring a roofing contractor is the safest way to safeguard your investment. If you live in Baltimore city you must call us today for your flat roof repair or replacement job.

Why work with us?

A check-up in the spring and fall or after extreme weather conditions is often planned to avoid permanent damage. And let’s admit we face that a lot in Baltimore city. We highly recommend these routine check-ups, as they will prevent you from the expensive unnecessary roof projects. Whenever you want us to come and check if your flat roof needs maintenance or repairs, just give us a call. For whatever service you need, in any region of the Baltimore, we will provide a flat roof estimate and provide as much detailed details as you would like.

Are you ready for the construction of a new roof at home? Are you concerned about your flat roof’s current condition? Do you have symptoms of damage to the flat roofs that must be addressed? Baltimore Floor Roofing is here to fix all of your flat roof issues and prove you that we are the best roofing company within Baltimore city.

Our flat roof specialists are eager to work on your roof repair project and take care of any issues you might have with your flat roof as an owner. And they do a great job while they are at it. They will also assist you in setting up an inspection and maintenance plan to ensure that roof repair problems are found as soon as possible to save you hassle and money. Many of the problems can get done before it gets worse.

We have been working as a roofing company since a decade. Our experience as a company has been an ascending one. We thrive on positive customer experience and satisfaction. Our core values are to get job completed on time, utilise the day and solve your roofing problems.

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